Electric motors recycling machine Tiger 300

MATECH BV is known for 15 years as a leading supplier of machinery for the recycling of scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cables and other usable waste. From now onwards MATECH BV also offers a solution for efficiently recovering copper from old electric motors.
It is known that copper is a valuable material, therefor it is useful to find a solution to remove the copper from electric motors. Up till now it was only possible on a large scale using huge machines, this has now changed. MATECH BV offers, with the Tiger 300, a specific compact electric motors recycling machine for small and medium sized businesses.
The process consists of three fast and simple actions. First, the housing of the electric motor is cracked with a hydraulic chisel. Then, a sorting can be made of anchor, stator and housing. The stator is then placed in a V-holder and cut in two halves with a special designed knife. The copper from the two stator halves is then placed in a clamp system. While the copper is clamped, the iron rings around it are removed by a push system. The result is a clean separation of copper and iron!
This whole process takes only a few minutes and is performed by a compact, robust machine with a weight of 1500 kg. Thanks to a 4 Kw motor the Tiger 300 is extremely economical in power consumption.
For more information, a quote or a demonstration please contact MATECH BV: +31 (0) 492 477488, or via info@matech.nl www.matech.nl.