The world’s first handheld ‘point and shoot’ LIBS metal sorter mPulse™, celebrates its second year on the market.

The mPulse, the world’s first LIBS handheld alloy sorter is capable of reliably identifying metal alloys in just one second.

Today our recycling markets rely on speed to maximise throughput and profits, sorting and trading incoming and high value materials fast. Through its ground breaking use of LIBS, or Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, the mPulse is able to identify and sort metals in just 1 second. This is a huge benefit to businesses that have high volumes of metal to process. Time is money. Faster sorting turns scrap into euros faster.

The mPulse is super fast One second and you get the grade and move on to the next test sample. Point. Shoot. Result.
The mPulse is simple to use. No buttons: just press the trigger to switch the mPulse on and start the test. Point. Shoot. Sort.

As the mPulse has no X-ray tube, it is free from all the regulations governing the use of X-ray emitting products. This reduces the need for training and paperwork, making the product truly hassle free.
The mPulse can deliver over 250 tests on a single battery charge. Shipped with two batteries as standard, the mPulse ensures continuous operation throughout the day.

In its bright orange colour, the mPulse is an attractive product which is highly visible in all light conditions in a scrap yard, when less brightly coloured products are lost in a sea of metallic greys.

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