Hydraulic alligator shears for cutting metals and catalysts

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    About the product

    MATECH BV is the exclusive distributor for the product range alligator shears from the English manufacturer JMC McIntyre Recycling Systems. McIntyre builds hydraulic alligator shears with a blade length varying from 150 to 900 mm, as a table model or as a movable machine. Most models have wheels, but can also be moved quickly and easily with a forklift. For maximum safety, operation is via a foot pedal. With this you can make a single cutting movement or work automatically, continuously. A mechanical or hydraulic retainer ensures that long material does not “fold away” when the blade block is lowered. All types are equipped with rotatable knives so that the user costs can be called minimal.

    Practically all McIntyre alligator shears can be viewed and / or tested with us and are available from stock!